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Message from Center Head

Dear Readers,

We are pleased that you have taken time to visit the Seeds website. We expect our website to be user friendly so as to brief you about the happenings at SEEDS

I am Shilpa Raghuraj Center Head of SEEDS - a school I am immensely proud to lead. We established SEEDS in the year 2011 and it's a delight to witness the seedlings upgrade their learning and understanding year after year.

We continue to create an environment that is innovative, creative, colourful, energetic where our seedling’s learning will be joyful, effective and meaningful. This difference will give a new hope for a fresh beginning.

We, at SEEDS believe that a child is like a bud and needs to be nurtured carefully so that he or she can blossom to their fullest potential. Each child is gifted in a particular way and we focus on helping each child discover their own special talent. I believe that children can become better learners with proper guidance and support.

A significant strength of our school is the exceptional relationship enjoyed between teachers, parents and our tiny tots. We believe to have a child centered learning that enables them to use critical and creative thinking to participate actively in the learning process and to make their own discoveries.

Our goal is not just to focus on education per se but also to create an ideal environment that fosters children’s overall personality development.

Ms.Shilpa Raghuraj

Shilpa Raghuraj Seeds School Officiating Center Head

Center Head
Seeds School

The ideas germinated will set a strong base in making the tiny tots bloom into well- rounded personalities.

We are all set to experience the difference year by year.