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Cultural Week Celebrations @ Uranus

Cultural week event was organized for the Primary students - Grade I & II. The cultural week activities were scheduled between 29th - 31st August. All the students from different House groups i.e, Themisto, Callisto, Prospero & Stephano participated in these cultural events.

  • 1. 29th August - We had Dramatization and the objective was to deliver a social message to the audience through their act. All the 4 Houses performed on various themes like, "Child Labour" and "Importance of Education", Good Samaritan, Following Traffic Rules and Saving trees.
  • 2. 30th August - Group Song by the students based on the theme "National Integrity".
  • 3. 31st August - Group Dance based on the theme "National and State festivals".

The students got an opportunity to show case their awesome talent, experienced and learnt the traditions and culture that is followed in our country.