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SEEDS URANUS conducted the "INVESTITURE CEREMONY" for the Primary students on 1st July, 2017.

The students from all the four House Groups – THEMISTO, CALLISTO, PROSPERO & STEPHANO participated in the Investiture ceremony. A day before the ceremony we had the nominated students campaigning for the elections with full enthusiasm and cheer. The students who were nominated for the CAPTAIN AND VICE- CAPTAIN role went through a voting process wherein the House group students voted for them.

At the ceremony, the Center Head of SEEDS URANUS addressed the students in the special assembly and made the students aware of their responsibilities towards their role. The elected students along with the House Group Mentors, marched towards the podium holding their House Group Flags, to receive their Batches from the Center Head. The students took their Oaths in the Investiture Ceremony and expressed their thoughts & views on the responsibilities towards their role.