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Red Colour Day" Celebrations @ SEEDS URANUS...!!

The Pre-Primary children of SEEDS URANUS celebrated "Red Colour Day", today i.e, 30th June, 2017. There was a special assembly wherein the children were introduced to the mesmerizing realm of colours. 'Red' colour symbolizes Joy, Strength, Courage, Love and Determination. The shades of Red made our "Little Uranians" feel bright, lively and cheerful. During the assembly activity, the children spoke about things which were Red in colour.

The mentors educated the children regarding the 'Red day' in their class activity. The children enjoyed the flower dabbing, fruit dabbing, made cute little lady bug's etc. Colours are indeed the smiles of nature. The 'Red Day' celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to classify objects based on colours thereby reinforcing cognitive skills.